“Leading Change” Breakfast Series in 2018

It’s heading towards the end of January 2018 and many of you have already consigned your New Year resolutions to the shelf. Making changes in our lives can be tough. No worries. We are here to help.

After a successful series of breakfast events last year covering Communication in it various forms, we now change topics. This year the BCC P&L Group plans to guide you through the difficulties of change itself. It could be your personal challenges in changing habits or lifestyle. Or perhaps you are facing unexpected organisational changes over which you seem to have little control.

As before, we will have a series of four regular morning workshops, kindly hosted by Badenoch and Clarke, where we will provide a friendly forum for the open discussion of topical issues. It will be engaging and thought provoking, with coffee and pastry to help the thinking. Our aim is to give you some theory from the academic world and maybe a case study here and there, but overriding all that will be some tips, tricks and practical advice.

We will look at Leading Change from different perspectives, whether as an individual, a member of a team or as an organisation. We will, for example, discuss resistance to change, leading change and handling the results of change.

As regards theory we want to work through the often heard VUCA scenario we are all facing. The term originated from the US military in the 1990’s when trying to make sense of the “fog of war” — the chaotic conditions that are encountered on a modern battlefield. However, its relevance to leaders and people managers in organisations today could not be more clear. We now live in a world which is increasingly “VUCA”:

Volatile: Things change unpredictably, suddenly, extremely, especially for the worse. ·

Uncertain: Important information is not known or definite; doubtful, unclear about the present situation and future outcomes; not able to be relied upon. ·

Complex: Many different and connected parts: multiple key decision factors, the interaction between diverse agents, emergence, adaptation, coevolution, weak signals. ·

Ambiguous: Open to more than one interpretation; the meaning of an event can be understood in different ways.

The BCC P&L Group very much looks forward to another engaging year with you. In 2017 people from all sectors attended our sessions and many said that they kept coming back because of the interactivity and positive atmosphere that was generated. That won’t change.

Whether you are a senior leader in a large corporation in the public or private sector or a one man or one woman band making a difference as a freelancer, it makes no difference. If you have an interest in people and leadership issues, then please join us and share your experiences.

Registrations open for our first event in March very soon!

Keith Amoss

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