BCC Breakfast: Personal Change Workshop

“Change might not be fast, and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.” (Charles Duhigg)

How many times have you tried to do things differently in your personal or work life, only to slip back into old habits within days or weeks?

You are not alone. The BCC People and Leadership group is here to help. Join us for a fun & insightful breakfast workshop on Wednesday 14 March 2018 to explore how individuals experience change, why we resist it, and how we can make a lasting change impact in our lives.   This is the first of four workshops for 2018 with the Leading Change theme.

What will you learn?

Working from your real-life personal projects we will equip you with know-how and tools, including coaching questions and models of change so that you can approach your future personal challenges in a more productive way. You will even be able to help others with their goals!

Registration details

The workshop will be held by P&L group members Claudia Neumeister & Sarah Battey at Badenoch & Clark, Luxembourg. We will begin at 08:30 with registration, networking and refreshments. The session begins at 09:00 and is scheduled to end at 10:00.

We look forward to seeing you! Click here to register.

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